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First A400M visit to German Air Force

Thursday 6 September - 17:19h  |  News & Press updates

Several hundred spotters were to be found yesterday and today at the German Air Force Bases of Lechfeld,

Cologne-Wahn and Wunstorf.The reason was an important visit from France – no VIP, but the new  A400M

military transport aircraft. The aircraft with the serial number MSN-4 landed first at Lechfeld (southern Bavaria)

to pick up about 40 passengers, among them the Commander of the German Air Force Command,

General Lieutenant Peter Schelzig. Via Cologne-Wahn the aircraft flew to Wunstorf in Lower Saxony,

home of the Air Transport Wing 62, which will host the new aircraft in the future, starting possibly in 2014.
The visit to Germany continues in the afternoon by flying back to Cologne.

Thereafter the plane finally returns to Toulouse.

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