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Wednesday 2 July - 09:33h  |  News & Press updates

EATC assigns personell to RAMCC Lyon

Beginning next week, the RAMCC at Lyon (Regional Air Movement Coordination Centre) - dealing with the coordination and tasking of the intra-theatre airlift operations for Serval and Sangaris - works in even more close relationship to the EATC, preparing both missions with air transport assets from Europe to Afrika and back: To advice and assist command structures in air transport matters, EATC has begun to install a shift-system with own personell, catching up duty when- and wherever assistance becomes necessary. Starting next Monday, first French AT-specialists of the EATC will join the multinational RAMCC to start the cooperation. After the first two officers have settled the environment, the air transport cell will constantly be manned with EATC personell deployed from Eindhoven Air Base. To balance all EATC Participating Nations efforts equally, each nation contributes one contingent per month. With Spain joining in July as sixth EATC Participating Nation, the reinforcement for the RAMCC is therewith settled until the end of the year.


Words: Norbert Thomas


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Picture below: Sirpa Air

EATC assigned French transport aircraft


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