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70 years of reliable air transport

Tuesday 1 July - 17:00h  |  News & Press updates

For the occasion of their each 70th anniversary and combined with aeronautical presentations, French Béarn and Anjou Squadrons invited the public to join their festivities at Evreux Air Force Base: base simulator sessions and static displays, specially decorated C-160 Transall flying with the colors of the two transport squadrons, a visit to the museum, etc…

The spectators watched flying displays of historic aircraft of both squadrons, including the last “Noratlas” - still airworthy - but also Junker Ju-52 and DC-3 Dakota. Not to forget the C-160 who performed various missions such as parachuting, assault and SpecOps demonstrations.

Find more about the open day at the French official Air Force website here (French language), additional video about the squadrons to be found here.

Short desciption of Anjou to be found here, Bearn description to be found here.


Norbert Thomas

Pictures: Armee de l'air




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