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Aircraft of EART and Frisian Flag

Wednesday 9 April - 21:44h  |  News & Press updates

More than sixty aircraft take part at Frisian Flag and EART in different roles: Interdiction, Close Air Support, AWACS, Air-to-Air Refuelling - and many more roles that fit together in different Combined Air Operations (COMAO) scenarios. Find a few pics around Air-to-Air Refuelling shot at Eindhoven Air Base as well as few airborne impressions of aircraft being refueled to immediately turn back into FF action.


Updated gallery to be found here

More information to be found at our EART website here


Pictures by Bjoern Trotzki, Joris van Boven, Ulrich Metternich, Norbert Thomas, Maurice Hendriks, Olivier Chevalier, Special Air Mission Wing MoD


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