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Reliable and capable - the Airbus A310 MRTT

Wednesday 2 April - 07:12h  |  News & Press updates

Few weeks ago a German Airbus A310 MRTT with Aeromedical Evacuation configuration flew two dozen injured Ukrainian people from Kiev to Germany for a better intensiv care, while another aircraft is permanently stationed at the military part of the Cologne airport to guarantee 24/7 readiness for action, e.g. to evacuate wounded soldiers out of Afghanistan/Usbekistan.

Last year another aircraft with Air-to-Air Refuelling equipment cruised of Western Africa to sustain the French air superiority for "Operation Serval": the MRTT (Multirole, Tanker, Transport) is not just a strategic carrier, but with all its conversion alternatives a flexible mean for the German Air Force, the EATC Participating Nations and all other Allies within EU and NATO to facilitate remote operations abroad.

In our new serial about military air transport aircraft read more about this MRTT here.


Picture: German Air Force

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