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EATC welcomes additional aircraft

Tuesday 7 January - 13:46h  |  News & Press updates

Since beginning of this year EATC has taken over Operational Control (OPCON) of to the Belgian Air Forces’ VIP aircraft.
So far EATC operated its VIP flights preferably with a Dutch Gulfstream IV aircraft, which will be decommissioned (as planned) in the following months.

Introducing seven additional aircraft
The two Dassault Falcon DA - 20 are mainly used for VIP flights, but can also operate medium or short range air transport (AT). With max. 8 passengers onboard, the aircraft has a flight range of maximum 5.000 kilometers.
As a more strategic AT variant, the DA - 900 can operate on a maximum of 6.500 kilometers with 12 passengers onboard - equipped with an exceptional comfort.
Furthermore the Belgian contribution to EATC contains two Embraer ERJ 135 as well as two ERJ 145 aircraft. The two Embraer Regional Jet (ERJ) 135 have a capacity of 34 passengers. The other two type ERJ 145 have a capacity of 49 passengers. Only the number of passengers and the length of the fuselage are different - for the rest both aircraft types technically are identical. The Embraer ERJ 135 (length 26.33m) and ERJ 145 (length 29,87m) are mostly used to transport passengers and cargo within Europe.
All four aircraft types can be equipped with up to three PTU’s in order to conduct Aeromedical Evacuation missions as well.
Find further information on our media chapter - scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Words: Norbert Thomas

Pictures: Belgian Luchtcomponent Media


Belgian VIP fleet overview

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