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EATC Planning Conference to optimize air transport efforts

Tuesday 19 November - 07:00h  |  News & Press updates

The 7th EATC Planning Conference will take place today and tomorrow at Eindhoven Air Base within EATC premises.


This conference normally comprise three separate syndicates corresponding to the three main planning areas and EATC branches as of Long Term Plans (LTP), Training and Exercises and Fleet Management (FLMT, Section of Technical and Logistics Branch).

While FLMT usually organizes separate annual meetings, both TREX and LTP will again be held back to back, respectively on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 November.


During the TREX syndicate on Tuesday participants will focus on the outlook of their national exercise calendars 2014, where AT and AAR units or -assets will play an active role. They will also focus on training and exercises` cross-participation opportunities between nations.

EATC expects attendance from national exercise planners at joint forces level, the armis, the air forces and further airlift/AAR communities.

On 20 November, the LTP syndicate will discuss received inputs from the operations- and exercise planners at a multinational-, joint- and single service-/component level, and for all activities involving airlift and AAR support requirements as well as all (re)deployments, resupply and troop rotations to optimize scheduled exercises and ongoing military operations.


Words: LTC John van den Born

Picture: EATC, SIRPA Air


Providing sufficient aircraft for exercises and upcoming missions like Operation Serval

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