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European Air Transport Training (EATT) 2012

Friday 1 June - 11:57h  |  News & Press updates

During the following week, the European Air Transport Training 2012 under the lead of the European Defence Agency and the host nation Spain with support from the EATC will take place in Zaragossa, Spain.
The four EATC partner nations Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands including the nations Spain and Czech Republic will train together to gain and specify experience and procedures.   EATT 2012 (European Air Transport Training 2012) will take place on Zaragoza Airbase ESP, from Monday the 04th to Friday the 15th of June 2012. It is a Multinational Air Transport block training set up in order to gather lessons identified and knowledge to pave the way to European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course (EAATTC) as from year 2014. The EATT detachment will be constituted of around 200 persons. Each national representation will be composed of at least 1 airframe, 2 flying crews, a maintenance team as well as an INTEL officer. The EATT is unique so far and the first of its kind in the domain of air transport cooperation. The main objective of this block training is to get the participants current in their qualifications in a short time period on their dedicated assets, either by consolidating existing qualifications or regaining them if necessary. The EATT 2012 training program is based on training requirements defined by nations. EATT 2012 is also a workshop aiming at enhancing interoperability between tactical airlift (C-130, C-160, Cn-295…) users in the area of operations and training by starting to work out standardized procedures. One of the EATCs major objectives is to harmonize the nations’ crew training in order to enhance multinational cooperation. Therefore EATC cooperates closely with EDA/EATF and chairs some of their Ad Hoc Working Groups. Moreover, EATC executes Operational Control over assets that participate in EATT.


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