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Dutch KDC-10 on its way to the Philippines

Thursday 14 November - 08:46h  |  News & Press updates

A Dutch MRTT (Multirole Transport Tanker) aircraft took of today at 8.15 am local time from Eindhoven Air Base in order to carry supplies for the victims in the Philippine disaster region. The KDC-10 will first head to Mumbai/India and reaches Lapu Lapu/Philippines the day after. Lapu Lapu is located on the Isle  “Cebu” where all helping organisations start their operations from a temporary logistic hub.
The aircraft with a maximum range capacity of 9760 kilometers has about 35 tons of health material on board.
After a fuel stop in Manila the aircraft is expected back in the Netherlands at (planning status as of today) Monday noon.

Words: Norbert Thomas
Picture: Dutch Air Force (RNLAF archive)

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