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Improving logistical interoperability

Saturday 5 October - 10:33h  |  News & Press updates

As a multinational command, the EATC has to contribute to a more efficient use of air transport (AT) and air-to-air refueling capacities and also to progressively ensure the highest level of standardization in training, employment of asset, logistic domains and flight safety.

From this perspective, the EATC organized last week a two-day Interoperability Logistic Seminar with the five EATC Participating Nations. This seminar was focused on “improving logistical interoperability” based on a standard scenario involving a succession of logistical events that occurred during two combined transcontinental AT missions (C-130 and C-160). Several logistics workshops have developed the scenarios, underlined the constraints in terms of national regulations or processes and have identified practical solutions or spheres of activities, for further developments and improvements.

During the afternoon of the second day, the outcome of this seminar has been presented to high ranking officers running the logistic structures in their nations.

Amongst the outcomes of this first Logistic interoperability seminar, the most important initiatives are:


-          Standardize the training for the ground crews

-          Improve the existing In Service Support and identify the opportunities for future contracts

-          Keep tracking of the configuration management specially for future acquisitions

-          Focus on loading issues and work on a track and trace program for ULDs


The EATC continues its interest and strong will as an enabler to combine the nations needs to set up future concepts in order to reach out for one European military air transport backbone, one international understanding: The best interoperability for future missions and the benefit for the participating nations is the EATC Commander' s guideline to make the EATC a true enabler in the field of European military AT.

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