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EATC harmonizes the Tactical Combat Training Programmes

Monday 27 February - 09:31h  |  News & Press updates


Common Combat Readiness

As one part of its endeavours, EATC intends to achieve consensus on common Combat Readiness Levels and the definition of a Combat Ready Crew in order to come to a shared understanding of “adequately trained flight crews”.


German C160 training to drop cargo


EATC is executing Comman

ding Authority over the German TCTP to fulfil the nation’s need for qualified crew members for any kind of mission. The dynamic geo-political and military environment determines the diversity of necessary qualifications to fulfil mission

s ranging from training over logistical support to humanitarian assistance. Based on the national assessment of the current TCTP, EATC in cooperation with the experts from German Air Transport Wings and Air Force Command (GAFCOM) implemented a new version that reflects the level of ambition.

This new version of a TCTP lays the foundations for the future EATC Ops Manual subpart D which will provide the EATC Nations with a common initial and continuing training to achieve and to maintain the “Combat Ready” status of each crew member.
Considering the decrease of budgets, the continuing reduction of assets and resources in general, this document will help to make the best use of training opportunities for air crews as well as to improve harmonisation and interoperability.

Furthermore it proves that in the EATC concept the most ambitious nation sets the pace for the others which in the last consequence is a benefit for all EATC nations.



As a result of the training conferences held on 25/26 January 2012, EATC is on track to achieve a new TCTP covering the challenges for the German crews in 2012 and to finalise the EATC OPS manual subpart D for mid 2012. It will lead to commonly accepted Combat Readiness Levels for all crews, hence facilitate joint operations in the future.

German C160 using electronic counter measures

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