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EATC reinforced with modernized Dutch (K) DC-10

Thursday 6 June - 10:21h  |  News & Press updates

The transport- and tanker aircraft modernization of the Dutch (K) DC 10 is completed. The Royal Netherlands Air Force received last week the last modernized aircraft at Eindhoven Air Base, all three being part of the Dutch 334 Squadron. 

Works on the aircrafts were conducted and finalized by Fokker Aircraft Services.


The so-called Cockpit Update Program (CUP) started in 2007 to show compliance with the current international aviation law and regulations. The cockpit innovations applied in the field of communication, navigation and reconnaissance. Last year a similar program was completed on the Dutch C-130 fleet, belonging to the neighbored 336 squadron at Eindhoven Air Base.  
The (K) DC-10 fulfills worldwide EATC assets, completes  both cargo and personnel tasks to mission areas and training locations. Moreover, they can refuel fighter planes in the air. Thus, the KDC-10 were used e.g. for the refueling of fighter aircraft enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya. Earlier this year a DC-10 carried goods to N’Djamena/Chad in order to assist the French Operation Serval.


Picture by Dutch Air Force

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