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Common denominator for Flight Duty Regulations enhances efficiency of EATC mission planning

Monday 6 February - 09:30h  |  News & Press updates

Standardization of regulations is a core business of the EATC and the foundation of an efficient use of air transport capacities.
The national Flight Duty Regulations (FDR) is one domain in which the EATC is engaged in order to align the four participating nations’ flight duty regulations, both on definitions and limitations, in one single document.

When EATC received Operational Control over more than 160 aircraft of four nations, these aircraft are still operated according to national regulations. Since they all differ in definitions and limitations, a common tasking becomes very complicated.
Imagine that according to one nation’s FDR the Flight Duty Period (FDP) starts when the engine gets started whereas another nation defines the FDP always 2 hours before the planned take-off. Now being the flight planner who has to create a common flight schedule for a multinational mission, this piece of work becomes a herculean task.C130 of the RNL AF landing at Eindhoven Airbase

All four nations have agreed on common definitions and limitations by using the civilian regulation contained in the EU-Ops subpart as a basis. From now on only some of the planning numbers used could be different, but these differences are only based on aircraft and/or mission type. The nationality of the executing agency does not play a role anymore which is a huge step forward on the way to a common operational use of the assigned assets.
Until 1 July 2012 the document is in a trial period. The nations apply the new regulation and identify grey areas that could cause problems in the daily practical use. After this period, the regulation will be integrated in the national documents and become a permanent part of their daily work.


"The EATC Flight Duty Regulation has accomplished what no other organization, civilian or military, has been able to do so until now: allow multinational tasking of assigned assets, without having to resolve to the use of the lowest common denominator." (Lieutenant Colonel Gerd Finck, EATC)

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