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Germany transfers authority over military air transport assets

Friday 15 October - 16:26h  |  News & Press updates

On 15th October 2010, the recently established European Air Transport Command (EATC) took control over the German Luftwaffe fixed wing air transport assets. Based on a formal "Transfer of Authority" (TOA), the multinational EATC is now responsible for the planning, tasking and mission controlling especially of the 74 German C160 Transall and 5 German A310 Airbus. Additionally this command has also nationally defined levels of authority over force generation tasks, including training and concepts as well as harmonization and the increase of standardization and interoperability between the four participating nations' air transport fleet. The EATC is based on a Franco-German initiative in 1999; Belgium and the Netherlands joined the initiative in 2006. The EATC will consist of about 160 soldiers of Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Spain have the status of observers. It is located in Eindhoven / The Netherlands and was officially inaugurated by the former Dutch Minister of Defence van Middelkoop on 1st September 2010 in Eindhoven. Eventually the EATC will have operational control over more than 170 aircrafts from the four participating nations and will have become an integral part of the military structure of the four participating nations. This will enable the most efficient use of the air transport assets by tasking the best suitable airframe for a given request.


The EATCs next milestone is the Initial Operating Capability foreseen to be reached by the end of the year after taking over control of the air transport assets from the other partner nations; Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

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