EATC insignia

The Coat of Arms of the European Air Transport Command (EATC)


Coat of Arms of the European Air Transport CommandDescription

Our Coat of Arms shows the globe as a grid which is overdrawn by a stylized white bridge carrying the acronym "EATC" in yellow letters. The globe is framed by a white ring with the 12 yellow stars and is supported by the lettering "European Air Transport Command". The colour concept in blue and yellow is oriented on the colours of Europe which represent the colours of Air Forces alike.



The colour composition is based on blue which represents the colour of the sky and the element of air being the domain of Air Forces in general. At the same time the colours represent Europe being the cradle of an unprecedented concept for military cooperation.
The core of the crest is the stylized white "bridge" with the lettering "EATC". The bridge expresses the creation of connections and the overcoming of gaps and distances. A bridge can be used to reach far shores quickly and safely which is the core business of military air transport. In conjunction with the letters "EATC" in the foreground of a world globe, this symbol expresses our claim to build air bridges to any location in the world and stands for the long lasting history of international cooperation in the domain of military air transport.
The intended relinquishment of continental borders in the depiction of the globe opens the view beyond European borders, which turns the area of operations for the European air transport metaphorically into a worldwide scenario.
In order to stress our multinational framework and to express our aim to reach a new level of cooperation, the core subject gets framed by 12 stars - in Europe a symbol of completeness and perfection.
In total the coat of arms represents our view of a worldwide air transport , carried out by an institution that was created for that cause and which carries the crest in a figurative sense by the lettering - "European Air Transport Command".

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