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Training and Exercises

TREX acts as a central point of expertise on AT, Airdrop and AAR training matters. In coordination with national AT and AAR authorities, TREX makes recommendations to participants, issues common directives and coordinates the harmonization and standardization of training syllabi concerning air crew and ground crew members.
Furthermore, TREX is actively engaged in initiatives related to combined training events such as EATT, an EDA initiative in the EATF project (European Air Transport Fleet). The development of Advanced Tactical Training Courses and the European Air to Air Refuelling Training is also in TREX’s portfolio. With TREX, the EATC shows that the unique pool of experts for tactics and techniques in the tactical airlift domain has a great value for its Partner Nations.


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Hercules starting from short airstrip at Zaragoza Airbase       Maintenance       Cockpit view      AAR supply      scenery at MART





Hercules at Zaragoza Airbase






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