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Air Mixed Group 47

Air Mixed Group 47


The current Air Mix Group 47 had its origins in the late 70s, when the Air Force detected a significant lack of resources of electronic warfare. For this reason, a program was started that would allow to acquire means and the knowledge necessary to implement tactics and electronic warfare procedures as well as the training of aircrews and radar operators. As a result, E.W. Squadron 408 was created on 01 December 1982 and placed near to the Special Operations Forces of the Spanish Air Force.
The element became equipped with two 212-200 aircraft "Aviocar" modified by two Spanish companies, “CASA” (“Construcciones Aeronáuticas”) and “Experiencias Industriales”, later renamed as “ENOSA”. The unit became later located in a hangar at the Airbase of Getafe, considered one of the birthplaces of the Spanish military aviation, placed in the city with the same name on the outskirts of Madrid.

E.W. Squadron 408 went on growing - and on the 14th of May, 1993, it was renamed as “Air Force Squadron 408”. There was a good reason for this: The first of the two Falcon 20 joined in May 1994 and would be fully operational in December of that year. It was also in 1994, when the unit moved to Torrejon Airbase, its current location. Finally, the first of three Boeing B707/KC707 arrived to the Squadron in March 1997.


Starting from Torrejon

Starting from Torrejon Airbase

(Picture: Spanish Air Force)

In November 2004, the Air Mix Group 47 was established to carry out the AT missions previously done by Air Force Squadron 408 - among other mission like calibration, E.W. and Taurus implementation. The reorganization was motivated by the need to concentrate all Falcon 20 and Boeing B707 available in one single unit to improve the maintenance and support to these aircrafts as well as to increase the operational capabilities within the Spanish Air Force: As a result, structure and missions of a new Squadron 471 within Air Mix Group 47 was set as follows: performing missions in Air-to-Air Refuelling and AT of personnel and cargo.


Torrejon Airbase

View upon Torrejon Airbase (B707 in the back - picture by Jordi Fatjo)


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