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A400M Common Ground Crew Training Concept effective

In close cooperation with national subject matter experts, EATC promulgated on 18 June 2014 the A400M Common Ground Crew Training Concept - completed successfully by the EATC led A400M Ground Crew Training Syndicate.

Being also in line with the Technical Arrangement covering bilateral A400M training cooperation signed by France and Germany on 30th September 2013, the new document aims at harmonizing Ground Crew Training amongst EATC A400M user nations.

This first version of the Ground Crew Training Concept will be the guideline to implement and fine-tune processes between the relevant stakeholders. As the entry into service of A400M is still ongoing, the EATC staff keeps track on the developments and plans for a first revision of this document in one year.

This new development in A400M matters offers a good opportunity to implement beneficial interoperability for all the A400M Ground Crews.


Words: Norbert Thomas

Picture: Cazaux AFB


Front A400M at Cazaux AFB

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