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visionary statement 


The EATC is a reliable partner known for integration, innovation and effectiveness.
We  provide to our participating nations effective and efficient air transport,

air to air refuelling and aeromedical evacuation missions setting the benchmark in Europe.
Key to the effective operation of EATC’s fleet is the integration of the operational

responsibilities and the functional harmonization and standardization of regulations.

The latter assures interoperable employment, maintenance and multinational

training of the air transport crews and assets of our nations.
As a centre of expertise for air transport, air to air refuelling and aeromedical

evacuations, we deliver, through competence and commitment, high quality

service and products, enabling participating nations to fully rely on EATC and

relinquish costly air transport solutions.





The European Air Transport Command enhances the combined
operational capabilities of Participating Nations and improves
the effectiveness and efficiency in conducting air transport,
air-to-air refueling and aeromedical evacuation missions.
This multinational headquarters integrates all transferred
national responsibilities and resources to ensure efficient
operational control and to increase interoperability.





Together we are a multinational community working to fulfil our mission. Our
team spirit determines the strength of our organization and the results of
our common efforts.



We are pioneers in the world of Pooling and Sharing capabilities, evolving
into a centre of expertise. Our willingness to seek new ways and to apply
best practices determine the level of our performance.



We prove that collective solutions are most effective. Our professional
approach and personal commitment to the mission determine our
effectiveness. We want to be as effective as needed and efficient as

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