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EATC to take over key roles in A400M employment


A true enabler in the field of military air transport


The EATC is increasingly involved in the A400M issues. With regard to the upcoming handover of the first A400M “Atlas” to France, the EATC - as biggest future user of the A400M and “think tank” of many military air transport issues in the heart of Europe - is ready to engage in the effective and efficient operation of this brand new aircraft.


The Commander EATC flies the A400M


In the starting blocks 

“But it’s worth it”, says the Commander of the European Air Transport Command (EATC).

"Those opportunities will arrive only every 30 or 40 years in transport aircraft fleets”, Major General Pascal Valentin underlines the importance of any single step within the A400M introduction: “EATC makes a leap forward with this aircraft - not only because of its effectiveness, but also because of its economical advantages with regard to maintenance and cost/performance ratio. This efficiency will make the EATC much more competitive - and saves resources the same time: Benefit to EATC Participating Nations.”

No wonder, why the EATC is leading in several issues on the A400M introduction. Here comes an overview of opportunities that the Commander EATC is ready to materialize:


Working on the interoperability framework

The A400M Operational User Group (A400M OUG) is an excellent A400M networking possibility and was worked out to give access to A400M national projects, especially important to communicate and negotiate with the non EATC A400M nations. 

The OUG will become more important after the entry into service of the Atlas, where operators will have own experiences and face actual interoperability issues in x-national training and routine operations.


Employment concepts for the A400M

A lot of effort was put in to this important element: In order to fasten the interoperability intent at the very first level, EATC and the Participating Nations (PN) are solving some last differences in this matter, e.g. in the areas of yearly flying hours per crew member and the exact role, function, training and required number of loadmasters to create the future crews upon the A400M aircraft.

The achieved compromises will make work in a later stage much easier, when translatingthis concept into common or national follow-on documents.


EATC took over more transfer of authority …

… especially from Germany and France. This development fits into EATC’s vision to create a common training concept for the A400M - as training is a key factor for interoperability.

The more authority is being given to the EATC, the easier it will be to develop also the common operation manual for all EATC aircraft.

“Efficiency will make the EATC much more competitive - and saves resources the same time”, finishes the Commander his briefing to the audience, which was not less than a today’s delegation from the NATO Support Agency, NSPA. “You see, we do our best to benefit the EATC Participating Nations by going ahead as a true enabler in the field of air transport.”


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Words: Norbert Thomas

Pictures: Sirpa Air, Airbus Military

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