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Organisational structure




The Commander European Air Transport Command (COM EATC) is a major general (NATO 2 stars). The Chief of Staff (COS) is a brigadier general (NATO 1 star) who directs the staff and acts as the Deputy Commander (DCOM). The posts of Commanding General, DCOM/COS and Division Heads are filled by EATC framework nations on a rotational basis. The positions of the Commander and DCOM/COS rotate currently between France and Germany.


Within the EATC nations are represented by Senior National Representatives (SNRs) who are the interface between the EATC and his nation. They are also responsible for the administration of their national personnel assigned to the EATC. The SNRs are double-hatted as they also hold the posts of Division Head or deputy Division Head (except for Luxembourg, who occupies the post of Head Public Affairs Office).


EATC’s structure and the Peace establishment (PE) has been reviewed with the accession of Spain and Italy. Over 200 people from seven nations work day to day for a more efficient and effective use of air transport assets.


The command group is supported by 3 divisions :

-        Operational Division

-        Functional Division

-        Policy and Support Division



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