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The EATC involvement in A400M matters

A400M picture by Bjoern Trotzki


The EATC will become the biggest future user of the A400M, about 110 to 120 aircraft will in a few years fly on EATC OPCON.

That' s because the national EATC assigned squadrons fly most on EATC orchestrated and conducted assets for air transport (AT), aeromedical evacuation (AE) and air-to-air refueling (AAR).

Moreover the EATC has an interest and strong will to combine the nations needs to set up international agreed future concepts for the A400M in order to reach

out for one European military air transport backbone, one international understanding: The best interoperability for future missions and the benefit for

the Participating Nations is the EATC Commander' s guideline to make the EATC a true enabler in the field of European military AT.

Find therefore on this page different topics about EATC involvements in A400M matters.


A big step in A400M training matters


view inside A400M cockpit simulator


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Interoperability framework for the Atlas


A400M shows some flag within the interoperability conjunction


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EATC and the Atlas to change the whole operational landscape


Atlas front


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EATC is a true enabler in the field of military air transport


Rising Atlas


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Advancing A400M employment together with OCCAR


A400M operational


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Commander EATC visits Mest


A400M Simulator


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EATC takes care for A400M solutions in Aeromedical Evacuation




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A400M Common Ground Crew Training Concept effective


Ground crew and A400M


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Further OUG meeting about A400M introduction in Wunstorf


A400M in Eindhoven


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